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Ex-Dean and His Family left the Country with False Identity
  • Desk Report
  • 2020-10-27 08:28:36

Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Ex-Dean of Eastern University (currently working for USPTO), and his family left the country with a false identity. There are proven scientific methods of validating human age and other identity details.

As a nation, we should discourage such use of fake DOB (Date of birth) or the practice of creating a false identity.

Otherwise, our future generation will have to face defamation in a foreign country due to such crimes committed by a few corrupt individuals.

Such use of fake identity results in serious violation of the residing country's immigration code.

If the perpetrator gets a pass through the immigration process, they can still be sued by their current employer for such use of fake identity.

Also, an anonymous source reported that he had extremist militant political involvement during his stay in the country. Due to his extremist ideas, he experienced opposition in segments of his professional career in the country.

That raises the question of whether this is good news that such extremist militant idea-generators move out of the country by leaving us in a safer domestic future?

Well, we do not want another 17 August 2005- a total of 500 bombs exploded in 300 locations covering most of the territory of Bangladesh.

This group of extremists was reported to have connection with Al-qaeda. Children of such family either lean toward extremism or end up being substance abuser.

It is not an unusual phenomenon that such extremists might end up finding their home in prisons like Guantanamo bay as a detainee for the rest of their lives.

Nevertheless, such migration not only closes foreign doors for the patriots and talents who would glorify our nation in foreign lands; but also causes irreparable damage to the country's reputation.

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Ex-Dean and His Family left the Country with False Identity
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