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Going green is the future
  • TFP Desk:
  • 2023-10-21 10:26:14

The whole world is in the midst of transitioning from fossil fuel-based energy to green energy, and Bangladesh too has to look to do so. At present, approximately 5% of our total energy is generated through renewable means, and while that might seem insignificant in a vacuum, for a nation that is still heavily reliant on its energy and infrastructural demands, this is no small feat. 

However, we need to ramp up our efforts. Transitioning fully to green energy will be challenging, but both from an economic and environmental sustainability perspective, this is what makes the most sense in the long run. 

On an economic front, our energy transition is projected to create 8,919 jobs by 2030. But if the transition is significant, we can create as many as 37,220 jobs. The transition is also significant from an environmental perspective as fossil fuels are one of the biggest reasons behind environmental disasters such as global warming. As a coastal nation that stands to lose the most from the rise in sea levels, continuing to rely on fossil fuels is akin to shooting ourselves in the foot. 

Of course, we will have to tackle roadblocks on the way. Over 95% of our energy needs are still met by fossil fuels, and almost the entirety of our energy infrastructure is built around fossil fuels. We also lack the skills and training necessary to more smoothly transition into green energy.

But these challenges -- when compared to the benefits of green energy -- are insignificant. As such, the optimum course of action is to make sure the transition happens.

The authorities have already taken a number of initiatives and policies to promote this transition. They now need to double down and work with relevant private stakeholders who have continued to show a keen interest in this transition. 

Going green is the future. Let’s make sure we don’t fall behind. 

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