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Amari Dhaka launches new safety measure called ONYX Clean
  • Staff Correspondent
  • 2020-06-14 20:06:38

Safety standards known as ONYX Clean to battle coronavirus at its hotels across Asia Pacific including Amari Dhaka in a move to welcome new guests and reassure the ones currently staying.

With ONYX Clean, Amari Dhaka will adhere to an updated and consistent list of housekeeping, maintenance and service delivery protocols.

"ONYX Clean" will impact every step of the guest journey from arrival to departure, with updated standards and operational procedures that complement the Group's existing industry-leading health and safety initiatives, the hotel said in a statement.
"ONYX Clean" will be introduced across all of the company's 52 properties across seven countries in the coming weeks, and at all new openings.

Amari Dhaka is preparing for full "ONYX Clean" implementation, as team members take this unprecedented opportunity to prepare, train and fine-tune procedures for the safety and well-being of the guests as well as their own, the statement added.
During this operational hiatus, majority of Amari Dhaka team members are continuously engaged while staying home as they participate in an online learning platform that offers a wide variety of training programmes, including in-house produced educational videos that help deliver awareness on pathogen risks and demonstrate the enhanced cleaning and sanitising methodologies and updated guest service protocols.

Like every ONYX property, Amari Dhaka will appoint an in-house "ONYX Clean" champion who will ensure the implementation and internal audit of all standards based on a property-wide checklist developed in partnership with Ecolab, a global leader in hygiene, safety and energy technology solutions and supplier of many cleaning products used by ONYX Hospitality Group properties.

"As one of the leading medium-sized hospitality players in the Asia Pacific region, we have always taken pride in our high levels of hygiene and our long standing commitment towards the safety and well-being of our guests, team members and
the community, " said Douglas Martell, President and CEO, ONYX Hospitality Group.

"With the impact of COVID-19 leading to new norms and heightened consumer interest in hygiene and safety, we would like to assure all travellers - both new and returning - that we have their safety and well-being as our number one priority. Every property will adhere to an updated and consistent list of housekeeping, maintenance and service delivery protocols," Martell further mentioned.

The revised standards of the "ONYX Clean" initiative take into consideration every step of the stay journey that is visible to guests, as well as the 'unseen' heart-of-house areas such as team member dining and locker rooms, receiving bay, food and supplies storage, and kitchens.

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